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Edge  Css3Template
Downloads: 657


Date: 17 Nov 2014
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Xenon Design  Css3Template
Downloads: 2229

Xenon Design

Date: 13 Nov 2014
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Design Edge  Css3Template
Downloads: 1154

Design Edge

Date: 08 Nov 2014
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Faith Connects  Css3Template
Downloads: 2462

Faith Connects

Date: 05 Nov 2014
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SQUAD FREE  Css3Template
Downloads: 3342


Date: 31 Oct 2014
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Klimt  Css3Template
Downloads: 3209


Date: 22 Oct 2014
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Innovative  Css3Template
Downloads: 3353


Date: 18 Oct 2014
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Welcome to :) Here you'll find a number of free JQ-CSS templates I've Edited from the Free css templates, all of which are:

  • Included Jquery Slider
  • Edited with attractive icons
  • Released for FREE under the Creative Commons Attribution license
  • Very lightweight (ie. minimal use of images) and fast loading
  • Tables-free (ie. no tables used for layout purposes)
  • W3C standards compliant and valid (XHTML Strict)
  • Provided with public domain photos, generously provided by and Wikimedia Commons

    All of my templates are free for any personal or commercial use (provided you follow the license) so you do not have to pay me anything to use them. All I ask is that you link back to my website (see the license for more details). I update my site with new templates regularly so check back for even more free JQ-CSS templates. Have fun :)

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